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The Elizabeth Foundation | Helping preschool deaf children and babies learn to listen and talk   The Elizabeth Foundation - Helping preschool deaf children and babies learn to listen and talk

Let's Listen and Talk

Let's Listen and Talk is The Elizabeth Foundation's brand new online home learning programme.

We have created Let's Listen and Talk to help parents and carers support child in developing their listening and speaking skills during the crucial early years.

About Let's Listen and Talk

Lets Listen and Talk - online learning from The Elizabeth FOundation for preschool deaf childrenLet’s Listen and Talk is an interactive, online programme for children with hearing loss from birth to 5 years old, provided by experts at The Elizabeth Foundation.

We have created the programme specially for families who want to help their baby, toddler or preschool child develop listening, spoken language and communication skills.

Let’s Listen and Talk enables you to access The Elizabeth Foundation’s expertise in helping young deaf children learn to listen and communicate, even if you’re not able to attend our family centre in person.

You can log-in to the Let's Listen and Talk programme whenever and wherever you need - as the website can be viewed using computers, tablets and smartphones. But you never have to feel alone as you will be supported by the expert team at The Elizabeth Foundation and other parents on the programme.

We hope that Let's Listen and Talk will help you become part of The Elizabeth Foundation 'family' - wherever you live!

Key features

Let's Listen and Talk consists of:

  • informative and engaging online courses for parents of babies, toddlers and preschool children with hearing loss
  • advice and guidance so parents can build a language-rich environment to help children learn to listen, develop language and establish speech during daily life and activities
  • videos of activities within each lesson as a key resource for parents to watch and learn
  • tailored support from course leaders from The Elizabeth Foundation based on your child’s needs via your choice of telephone, online, email and/or Skype
  • monitoring of your child's speech and language - and individualised feedback based on their progress
  • advice, support and the chance to interact online with other families on the Let's LIsten and Talk forums

Based on our successful services

We have based Let's Listen and Talk on both our services for babies and young children with hearing loss and our successful print-based Home Learning Programme that has enabled us to support many children with hearing loss and families over the past two decades

Find out more

Lets Listen and Talk -online  home learning programme for babies and preschool deaf children To find out more, visit the Let's Listen and Talk website.

The Let's Listen and Talk Baby Programme, Toddler Programme and Preschool programme are all available now.



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