Ann Rachlin

We have been very fortunate that renowned music educator Ann Rachlin, MBE, served as our President.

Update 23 November 2023:

It is with deep sadness that The Elizabeth Foundation announces the passing of our President, Ann Rachlin MBE. Throughout her remarkable life, Ann captivated both hearing and deaf children with her enchanting Fun with Music performances, weaving vibrant stories into melodies to captivate and delight young minds.

As our distinguished President, Ann devoted herself tirelessly to our mission to help deaf children learn to listen and talk. Having previously founded The Beethoven Fund for Deaf Children, Ann was delighted to incorporate the fund with The Elizabeth Foundation in 2003, continuing to share her expertise and passion.

Beyond her official role, Ann remained a constant and inspiring presence, offering her gentle wisdom and unwavering thoughtfulness. Her absence leaves a void that will be keenly felt, but her legacy will always be remembered.

To find out more about Ann’s life and work, visit her website.

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