The Elizabeth Foundation Listen newsletter - Spring Summer 2023 issue

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Read the latest news and updates about our wide range of services and activities in The Elizabeth Foundation’s Listen! Spring/Summer 2023 Newsletter.

Listen! Spring/Summer 2023 newsletter available to download

The latest issue of Listen! celebrates our achievements over the last year – leading on the front cover with the news of how we are supporting our parents’ communication choices with a new sign language course.

You can read all about the different elements of our work in the newsletter. The number of people benefiting from our work has steadily grown. We continue to support deaf children and their families from all over the south of England in the nursery sessions we provide at our Family Centre in Hampshire. And an ever-expanding number of families and professionals from all across the UK are accessing our online Let’s Listen and Talk programme – with well over 1,100 subscribers (at the time of writing the newsletter).

And of course, it is always nice to hear about real people and real families. So you will enjoy reading more about Daisy, who currently attends our preschool nursery! You can also find out more about one of our graduates, Tom, who has tackled all type of energetic activities as well as running a small business with his brother.

In the newsletter you can also read more about how we are working together with various other charities, universities and organisations to support children with all degrees of deafness and their families. This includes continued support for two research studies that will benefit children and families in the future, with recent visits from researchers from DCAL-UCL.

Of course, none of our work can happen without the generosity of our supporters. Listen! also provides information about our various sources of fundraising … and how you, too, can support the charity through various challenges, events and opportunities.

We hope you enjoy this edition of the ‘Listen!’

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