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We will be forever thankful to all at The Elizabeth Foundation – you have most certainly made a huge impact on Kyle’s development…

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Kyle was first diagnosed with a hearing loss at his new born hearing screening and after several follow ups Kyle was diagnosed with a profound hearing loss in both ears and at 8 weeks was issued his first hearing aids.

Finding out our beautiful precious baby boy was profoundly deaf completely shattered our world. We had no history of deafness in our families and our 6 year old daughter had no hearing issues. We had no knowledge or understanding of deafness. My biggest fear was that Kyle would never hear our voices, understand us, or be able to live a normal life that every child has the right to. I wished I could have swapped places with him.

Kyle was put forward for cochlear implants and had the operation 2 months before his first birthday and switched on at 11 months. During this first year our emotions were running on high and we only had information provided by the hospital and Surrey support services. I will never forget the day we first went to St Thomas’ Hospital for an information day about cochlear implants. I spent the whole session in tears and not really taking anything in. After this session a lovely lady approached my sister and strongly advised us to contact The Elizabeth Foundation.

I looked the Foundation up online and made an immediate call to Julie Hughes, who invited us down as a family. This was one of the first days that put us on a positive road that absolutely everything was going to be fine. Kyle started baby group once a week and has continued through and now attends preschool twice a week.

The Elizabeth Foundation not only opened up our knowledge and understanding of deafness but also introduced us to families and children alike. It was so inspiring to see all the children and staff there, we immediately knew our initial fears and worries for Kyle were unfounded. I knew Kyle would have no lesser ability to do things than any hearing child.

The Foundation’s approach to communication and style of their routine is second to none. It has been amazing watching Kyle’s development and speech continuously improve and this is hugely down to The Elizabeth Foundation. Kyle will be 3 in February and has been implanted now for 2 years, he has full ability to hear everything and his speech is improving daily. Kyle’s confidence and easy-going nature have definitely assisted him on his way. As soon as we arrive in The Elizabeth Foundation’s car park. Kyle is eager to get out and run straight in full of happiness.

We have made so many wonderful new friends here and the support all the parents give to each other, it really is like a second family. We will be forever thankful to all at The Elizabeth Foundation – you have most certainly made a huge impact on Kyle’s development.

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