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Without the excellent and continued support of The Elizabeth Foundation, Mia would not be making the fantastic progress she is…

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“Having failed her new-born screening test twice and experiencing difficulties with hearing test appointments in Chichester, Mia was finally diagnosed with a severe- profound, bilateral, sensorineural hearing loss in December 2013 at the age of 15 months; she received 2 pink hearing aids just one month later.

“Our audiologist made arrangements for Mia and our family to visit The Elizabeth Foundation within the same week as her diagnosis. I am so glad he did. From our very first visit all the staff at The Elizabeth Foundation have been absolutely amazing.

“Mia began in the baby group and then moved up to the toddler group. In these groups the Teachers and Speech and Language therapist taught us (Mia and me!) basic strategies and ideas to develop her attention, listening, preverbal and early language skills – all done through fun activities which we could practice at home

“It took 10 months for Mia to realise the benefits and to become a consistent wearer of her hearing aids; again The Elizabeth Foundation were there to support our family when we thought nothing was ever going to work. They helped us to monitor her hearing aids and explained and demonstrated (over and over again!) the importance of wearing them.

“Mia now attends the preschool group 3 days a week where she continues to receive expert support to develop strong listening skills, speech and language. I strongly believe that without the Foundations help we would still be struggling with communication.

“As a family, we can honestly say that without the excellent and continued support of The Elizabeth Foundation, Mia would not be making the fantastic progress she is and we would still be quite clueless about Mia’s hearing loss.

“She really has come on in leaps and bounds since attending The Elizabeth Foundation and wearing her hearing aids consistently. Her ability to communicate her needs has improved tenfold which has resulted in significantly less frustration for Mia and our family and much better interaction with her friends.

“Mia thoroughly enjoys pre-school, she knows all the children’s names and the staff too and regularly talks about them at home. She also likes to copy some of the learning games at home pretending that she is the teacher and her brothers are the children! This is so valuable to Mia; it furthers her learning without getting mundane for her.

“The endless help and information we have received from The Elizabeth Foundation has been paramount not only Mia’s progress but ours as a family too. We feel so much more confident for her future now.”

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