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We provide Ofsted ‘Outstanding’ educational services for babies, toddlers and preschoolers with hearing loss at our purpose-built Family Centre in Portsmouth, Hampshire. We also offer regular sessions for children with unaided hearing loss, and for children with additional and more complex needs.

"The enthusiasm, positivity, reassurance and knowledge made us feel like we had really found a place for our son which would help him have the very best start in life." Parent

Having a hearing loss can significantly affect a child’s ability to communicate. However, with modern technology and appropriate intervention during their early years, most deaf children can – and do – learn to communicate clearly and effectively using spoken language.

"No matter how far away you live, they will help your child through their preschool ife. I don't know what we would have done without them!" Parent

Many of the deaf children benefiting from our educational programmes significantly narrow the communication gap with their hearing peers – and, just as importantly, they have fun!

"It's just been the most wonderful, supporting, loving place that I could've ever asked for to help me and support my son..." Parent

Our team of Teachers of the Deaf, teaching assistants and specialist Speech and Language Therapists provides expert intervention tailored to the needs of each individual child.

"We found out about The Elizabeth Foundation and it was just a great, fantastic place to be. Our daughter just loved to go..." Parent

See how our education services helped Riley

Other services

Please note: if your location or circumstances prevent your child from being able to attend our Family Centre Education Services on a regular basis, we can provide support to you and your child through:

A baby with a hearing aid at The Ezliabeth Foundation for preschool deaf children

Advice for new parents

We know that receiving the diagnosis of deafness for your child can often be unexpected and unsettling, and that you will have many questions and concerns. On our page for new parents we hope to reassure you and provide answers to some of the questions parents of newly diagnosed babies and children commonly ask us. We will also show you some videos of parents and children at The Elizabeth Foundation, along with stories showing what young adults with hearing loss can go on to achieve.
Read our advice for new parents

Relevant policies

We have a wide range of policies and procedures that affect how we provide our education services - ranging from our Admissions and Special Educational Needs Policies to our Complaints and Safeguarding Policy.

If you would like to find out more, click on the following links to read these policies:

If you have any questions about any of these policies or need further information, please contact us.

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