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Wishing Abby, Rachel, Michelle & Jeremy good luck as they take on challenge events this weekend in support of our work! Feeling inspired? Contact our Fundraising Team to register your interest for a challenge event next year on or 02392 372735

We've just finished the last of our daily Leavers’ week celebrations for our preschoolers who are leaving to start ‘big school’ in September.

We're so proud of what every single one of you has achieved during your time here.

Good luck and please keep in touch!

Join us this August in our #40for40 campaign taking on a challenge around the numbers 40 and 4. You could bake 40 cakes, cycle 40 laps around your park, or build 40 sandcastles. Whatever your motivation, to get started on your fundraising journey visit:

Local charity with a national reputation for its 'outstanding' work thanks its fundraisers and supporters for helping it grow

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