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Through our wide range of services we aim to give babies and young children with all degrees of deafness the best possible start in life.

In this section, you can see the stories of deaf children who are at the start of their journey, and also learn about the successful and varied careers some of our graduates now enjoy as adults.

Our video stories

Our children's stories

Our graduates' stories

Our supporters' stories

Cover of The Elizabeth Foundation Impact Report 2022-23

Making a positive impact

We aim to make a positive impact by enabling our deaf children to develop good listening skills, natural speech, confidence and self-esteem.

We also strive to give parents the confidence and knowledge to make informed decisions on behalf of their child.

We publish an annual Impact Report showcasing the importance of our work with young deaf children.

The Impact Report gives an insight into how we are doing in major aspects of our work, and provides key facts and figures about our activities.


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