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The Elizabeth Foundation | Helping preschool deaf children and babies learn to listen and talk   The Elizabeth Foundation - Helping preschool deaf children and babies learn to listen and talk

Information about deafness in children

When a child is diagnosed with deafness, there are many questions that parents and professionals need answered and many topics they need to research and explore.

Some facts about deafness in children

  • Every year, over 1,000 newborn babies are born with severe to profound hearing loss, with many more babies born with a mild to moderate hearing loss.
  • Although the NHS Newborn Hearing Screening Programme offers all new parents the opportunity to have their baby's hearing screened within the first few weeks of life, hearing loss is often not identified until children pass the critical period for language acquisition.
  • Early testing for hearing loss in infancy, followed by educational intervention at any early age, is key to helping deaf children develop their hearing ability, language and speaking skills.
  • Continual advances in hearing aid and cochlear implant technology offer profoundly and severely deaf children greater opportunities to access sounds and learn to talk.
  • The Elizabeth Foundation advocates a Multi-Sensory Oral Approach for teraching deaf children to talk, maximising their auditory and vidual potential to understand and use spoken langauge.
  • We believe that learning to talk gives children the freedom to mature and function independently in general society. Oral education also strengthens reading skills, a crucail element in ongoing academic progress.

Common questions about deafness in children

Read our answers to questions we are commonly asked by parents of children with hearing loss.

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Information sheets about deafness in children

Learn more with our information sheets covering a range of topics relating to deafness in children - including a terminology.

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Home learning programme

Our home learning programme guides parents in helping their deaf child develop good listening and spoken language skills. This special correspondence course is supported by our trained staff and is available to families of deaf children and babies wherever they live.

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