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The Elizabeth Foundation | Helping preschool deaf children and babies learn to listen and talk   The Elizabeth Foundation - Helping preschool deaf children and babies learn to listen and talk

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Preschool nursery services

At our family centres in Hampshire we provide preschool services for deaf children from around two and a half years of age until they start primary school. For younger children we run baby and toddler nursery sessions.

Through these services we aim to engage and stimulate deaf children throughout their preschool years, helping nurture strong listening skills that will equip them in their journey to developing speech and language.

"Outstanding" preschool provision for deaf children

Ofsted has rated our nursery services as "Outstanding"

Our preschool services in Hampshire are Ofsted registered - click on this link to read our most recent Ofsted inspection report.

Activities during our preschool sessions

In our preschool nursery, the children participate in specially-planned activities which aim to develop attention, listening and talking skills through lessons based around the Department for Education's Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. We aim to provide opportunities for each child's social, emotional, intellectual, and physical growth.

The preschool nursery sessions run from 9.30am to 2.30pm each week day and encompass the broad range of the foundation stages of the national curriculum through fun-filled activities. Children can attend up to four sessions a week.

A typical session includes: 'hello' circle time, a focused activity, snack time, music and singing, lunch time, free play, story time, creative activites, and 'goodbye' circle time.

Music plays a key role in our preschool services. Find out more about the ways we use music...

Assessing progress and setting targets

Every child has a key worker, who is a qualified Teacher of the Deaf. Assessments take place regularly with parents. These assessments form the basis of an Individual Education Plan for each child. In addition, every child has the opportunity of individual sessions with a Teacher of the Deaf to help support and consolidate the work done in the preschool nursery environment and develop listening and related language skills. The teaching staff also provide a written report to help support all children leaving the Foundation to go to school. Reports are also provided to support Statements for a child on request from education authorities.

Supporting families

We have an "open door" policy in the nursery, where we encourage parents to participate and observe their child in the preschool setting. This, along with regular written information, enables parents to observe strategies and gain information about the language objectives we cover during the sessions in order that they reinforce this language at home. At the beginning of each topic we also provide vocabulary sheets, song sheets and ideas for activities to do at home are also provided.

We also support parents with information sessions and leaflets which cover topics such as audiograms and hearing loss, and listening and language development. In this way, we give parents the opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills they need to foster their child's overall development, and to share with others the feelings, triumphs and obstacles their family is experiencing.

We believe that one of the most important aspects of our preschool services is the support that parents give to each other. During their time attending our preschool nursery parents and children form relationships and friendships with each other which often last for many years.

Joining our preschool sessions

To enquire about our preschool nursery please contact: Julie Hughes julie.hughes@elizabeth-foundation.org or telephone: 023 9237 2735


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